domingo, 4 de septiembre de 2016

would you wear these outfits?
the new type of fashion

fashion its all about personal taste and preferences. Any one can put up a outfit together, but it doesn´t mean everyone else will like it! Thank God we have different tastes otherwise we would all be wearing the same clothes (how boring would that be!!??!!).
I might not look as "good" as these models, but I´m happy with my own style (boot cut jeans, a t-shirt, and a pair of sneakers), I feel confortable and thats what matters to me! of course that sometimes we have to dress up a little bit better, but it doesn´t mean uncomfortable neither.
Personally I dont think I would feel very "comfy" in any of these outfits (image):

Style 1: baggy suede  pant plain black, a jeacket with gold, and blue stones made of suede too, and to pop the look a red scarf around the head. A small details to bring the look together, the purse round black with some pinks and blues.  

Style 2.: A Skirt, long sleeved shirt, mob cap and even a pair of socks stripped red and white suede with some hearts (looks like a alive candy cane!!)

Style 3.: long flowing dress with tribal pattern with a turquoise satin belt, and a red suede “hood”.

Style 4.: plain black suede skirt over a red and white (same as outfit 2) stripped skirt and a pair od socks red and white candy cane like pattern, colorful jacket made of silk with a lot of differentes patterns (flowers, indian styles, even watermelon) underneath a plain black cotton long sleeved shrit, and a plain pink cotton belt.  

If any of these new outfits aren´t your style, just keep looking for it, you will find THE ONE perfect for you, because in the end of the day,  you should wear what makes you happy and comfortable!

see you next time!

5 comentarios:

  1. hi Pamela! wow you are so right! thanks god we have different tastes haha. i dont like any of the pictures they are so extravagant! i prefer my style: naturally and comfortable!

  2. Hello Pame, those outfits are so colorful jajaja. I'm agree with you, we have our own style and obviously, that's great!

  3. hi pame, i agree with you in almost everything, the only thing i disagree is that i think you look amazing. ;) call me.

  4. your name must be Cesar Calvo... Heheheh

  5. Hi Pamela, the clothes are really modern, a very pretty mixture of colors, I congratulate You